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Sunday, July 19, 2009

About News Today - Filipino News, Pinoy News Channel

About the News Today - Filipino News, Pinoy News Channel is a Daily Blog Pinoy Magazine for News, Technology, Sports, and Entertainment.

Launched July 19, 2009, it feeds you the latest news topics updates what happening to the Philippine Nation; caters world news especificaly USA, Asia and Europe, Latest Currency Exchange Rate; a quik look to Hollywood, Pinoy Channel TV News, Pinoy Movies and Showbiz Stars; Breaking News on Sports, Technology, World Business and Travel. All these reports are from arround the Philippines and arround the World!

This news blog, will be hunting the latest news from our friends online and from the latest news trends that captures the eye of every Filipino or Pinoy from here in the Philippines and from Filipinos arround the world wide web.

Do you want to know more about us "About News Today - Filipino News, Pinoy News Channel", feel free to contact us at the contact page! Or wanna chat with us online? We have Pinoy Live Chat Page. Try chatting with us for connection or for friendship.

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Thats all for now. Check the Pinoy Updates section for the latest updates for this blog.

Thanks and Welcome to News Today - Filipino News, Pinoy News Channel.


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